Sportsmanship: "Charity Leads to Perfection"

Good sportsmanship is the most important aspect of the game. Sometimes games will get intense, heated and personal; therefore, sportsmanship must be learned in order to be practiced in sticky situations. If athletes weren’t reprimanded for unfit behavior, there would be no guidelines for others to follow. Of course there’s talent and hard work, which are both very important parts of sports, but without sportsmanship and self-discipline, there would likely be chaos throughout various levels of play.

When athletes go “Beyond the Game,” they look outside of what it takes to win, but decide to be a good teammate, a good opponent and a good person. Everyone may have a tad bit different definition of good sportsmanship, but first-class sportsmanship leads to the same goal of high-level of competition with the outcome of creating champions who excel both on and off the playing fields.

The ability to be a good sport and display good sportsmanship is dependent on whether we possess the human values of self-discipline, responsibility, integrity, respect and courage.

Good sportsmanship begins and ends with you!

2017-18 "Play It Forward" Sportsperson of the Month

Do you know someone that exudes sportsmanship on and/or off the field?  Do you know someone who goes Beyond the Game to empower others through sportsmanship or community service?  If you answered yes to either one of those questions, then it sounds like you know someone who is eligible for Sportsmanship Spotlight!

Congratulations to our 2017-18 Sportsman of the Month winners:

October 2017: Charity Leads to Perfection
Sometimes its the smallest gestures that can mean the most. That seems to be the attitude by the Hannan Hawks...after the whistle, at least. The motto of Archbishop Hannan High School is "Charity Leads to Perfection." Senior quarterback Chris Rabensteiner lived these words in a recent Hawk football game, offering a hand to help up an opponent after a play. This picture is only a snapshot that speaks a true tetstament of this young man's character. On an off the field Rabensteiner exhibits good will throughout his daily walk. "This picture is who this young man is. You can ask anyone who knows him," states Athletic Director, Joseph Hines. "You truly captured who Chris is as a young man. Thank you for honoring our school, our football program, and most importantly Chris," says Head Football Coach Scott Wattigny. The LHSAA and WVLA would like to congratulate Chris Rabensteiner for his commitment to sportsmanship. Watch Chris' interview here.

2018 Essay Contest

Each year, the LHSAA Beyond the Game Program sponsors a sportsmanship essay contest. This is an opportunity for students at all of our member schools to get creative and tell us what it means to go "Beyond the Game” in sportsmanship. The guidelines are simple and your entries must be received by (Deadline TBA) to be eligible to win. First place will be awarded a prize of (   Amount TBA   ) and will be recognized at (Location TBA).

The theme of the essay contest should be based on the following: (Theme TBA)

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