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Baden Sports Changes Look of Soccer Ball, Offers Promotion

Posted: 04-08-2014 | Categories: Soccer - Boys, Soccer - Girls, LHSCA

Baden Sports Changes Look of Soccer Ball, Offers Promotion

After repeated high school and college coach requests, we have decided to change the look of our SX751-CPL game soccer ball for the 2014-2015 soccer playing season. Going forward this ball will have a simply yet elegant graphic pattern. 

Please note that while the graphics are different, the internal construction of the ball, which determines the performance and durability, remains the same.

There is no price difference for the new ball. In fact, to help ease the transition to the new look we are offering the following offer! For every five (5) SX751-CPL balls a LHSAA member school buys for the 2014 – 2015 season, Baden will send them an additional SX751-CPL at no charge. The same will apply to the SX551-CPL.   

Given the wide variety of graphics on the game balls currently in use from school to school, Baden believes the change will not pose any issues for our member schools. All coaches that have been shown the look of the new balls are excited about the new look!

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