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NFHS Coach Education Program Surpasses 500,000 Users

Posted: 04-10-2012 | Categories: LHSCA, Coaches

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (April 9, 2012) — The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has reached a milestone with its online Coach Education Program as more than 500,000 individuals have now registered on the site at Amazingly, this feat occurred in slightly more than five years since the start of the program. The 500,000th user was officially recorded on February 28.

The NFHS Coach Education Program Web site was launched on January 3, 2007 with The Fundamentals of Coaching and First Aid for Coaches. Since then, the program has added 24 more courses on a variety of topics.

Tim Flannery, CMAA, NFHS Director of Coach Education, said the 500,000 mark is important because it signals that a majority of interscholastic coaches are taking advantage of the program’s resources.

“The whole purpose of the program is to educate coaches on their roles in an educational-based setting,” Flannery said. “We are making good progress at reaching all coaches. Once we are connected with them, we can help them become better at what they do.”

Flannery estimates that there are about one million interscholastic coaches across the country. He said that goal-setting has been important throughout the program’s existence.

“We’ve surpassed every goal we have set annually, and we are well on our way to consistently reaching 100,000 unique visitors per year,” he said. “That growth will be great for the student-athletes because there is a good chance that each respective coach is receiving the proper training.”

The NFHS Coach Education Program was launched to keep costs down and promote learning among interscholastic coaches. There are currently 26 available courses, but Flannery estimates that there will be 35 or more by the end of 2012. He says the next step is getting coaches who have already taken the core courses to come back and utilize the other educational opportunities that the program has to offer.

“We don’t think it’s a one-and-done situation,” he said. “It’s an ongoing professional development program. No one course will make a large difference by itself, but over time, a combination of courses can. Now that we’ve connected to a majority of coaches, we need to encourage them to stay connected.”

In addition to the 500,000-user milestone, the free Concussion in Sports – What you Need to Know course has now been accessed by 400,000 people, making it the most-used course on the site. In addition to coaches, Flannery said parents and officials also are among the users of the free courses.

More than 220,000 people have taken the Fundamentals of Coaching course – one of two core courses, along with First Aid for Coaches. The NFHS also offers 13 sport-specific courses, eight elective courses and three free courses.

All NFHS Coach Education courses are available at


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